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Posting again (:
Wednesday, January 21, 2009 / 3:02 PM
Im back to blogging again (: finally have the time to post. This week has been an awesome week. I went to watch two movies this week. It was 7 pounds (that was alright) and Bride Wars (that was so hilarious). Also went to the beach like 3 times this week since the weather here is so hot. Surprisingly im not sunburnt :)

Its nearly school D: Schools starting in less than 2 weeks and i need to start doing my hw. Haven't really touched it. Have so much to do in such little time. I also went to collect my school books yesterday. It costed like $500 and it was soo heavy. Im so broke now.

Im back with a new layout. I love the song "one step at a time" by jordin sparks. Hehe and also made a new banner ft rainie yang which i will post it on here. I haven't been photoshopping for some time now so the banner's not that good.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009 / 8:00 PM
This week has been such a busy week! Well on December 30th i went to my sisters party :D we went to the city to shop and watched a movie. We watched Bedtime Stories! It was an alright movie. Quite funny. Also went to play games at Galatic Circus hehe.
On the 31st i went to the city with a couple of friends to watch the fireworks. It was so pretty but i forgot to bring my camera so i couldn't take any pictures of it ><
Hehe well yesterday was new year and i had a party to go too. It was kinda boring LOL but then by the end of the party it was kinda fun cos we were you-tubing funny videos.
Anyways HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. Its kinda late but yeah. Hope everyone had an awesome time.

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