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Winter break :D
Tuesday, June 30, 2009 / 5:16 PM
I haven't been blogging but its finally winter break and its for 2 weeks :D

Saturday: On Saturday i was home most of the day on the internet. We upgraded our plan so now i have 25 gigs of downloads a month. LOL so i was youtubing like crazy. I watched a lot of mvs and finally finished watching the Boys Over Flowers 5 years later episodes. Then at 6pm i had to go to this Viet concert with my family. We had free tickets and i was sitting in the first row (: I got to meet Quang Le and Nhu Quynh since i was allowed backstage. I don't normally like viet music that much but the concert they held was alright. After that we went home at around 12am and then i watched PBN with my parents just to see Thanh Bui's performance. I loved his Mirror Mirror song and then it reminded me that i've met him before and made me listen to his album =]

Sunday: I slept for most of the day and then played games on facebook :D Facebook games are so addicting. Then i went over to my friends house for most of the day. Watched a couple of movies and then we watched tv. Rove was so funny that night with Bruno and Kevin Rudd :] That made my night.

Monday: Didn't do much on Monday. Stayed home and relaxed. I photoshoped a Taeyeon blend! Its my first photoshop blend since i really can't blend. Im working on a Sunny blend though. I also started my hw LOL. Have like so much maths hw D:

Tuesday: I went to a barbeque with my brother, sister and cousin. It was so windy and cold so then the barbeque got moved to my cousin's friends house. It was so boring there so we kinda left early. I had a dentist appointment after that. It was just a regular clean and checkup. Went Safeway after that to buy food. YUMMY (: I had english tutor after that for 2 hours and i have to do an exam in 2 weeks D: Anyways im gonna stop here. Gonna youtube more!

RIP Michael Jackson.
Friday, June 26, 2009 / 6:25 AM
Its really sad that Michael Jackson the 'king of pop' has passed away from a heart attack D: Im still in shock since ive never imagined for this day to come. His music has inspired many people around the world including me. I love his songs! Rest In Peace Michael Jackson.

Gee Gee :]
Monday, June 22, 2009 / 9:37 PM
Didn't go to school today because im sick D: i hate being sick! Well i missed out on English and Maths :D but that means i have to catch up on it. All day ive been sleeping and on msn talking (: Or on facebook playing games haha.

Last week of school this week! So happpy. Also made an artworks section for my blog. Still need to improve heaps. Anyways heres an icon i made of min ji. Also i love the song Gee by SNSD. LOL even though its old, its full on stuck in my head.

Sundays :]
Sunday, June 21, 2009 / 2:14 AM
So continuing from yesterdays blog the dinner was alright (: The food didn't taste as nice but it was a fun night. The dinner finished at around 10 and then we went to Crown. We went to Galatic Circus since the kids wouldnt be able to get into the casino :D It was fun. We wasted like 100 on playing games and we won like so many tickets. Got home at around 1am and was so tired. I slept till 12 this morning.

Stayed at home and was doing my hw. Got a lot done today! At around 3 mum was like lets go shopping so me and my brother and sister went. It was only food shopping so all we bought was food. Went home and ate pho! YUMMY. Now im gonna continue doing my hw. Also found an icon i made like ages ago of lee min ho :D He is so hot.

Weekends :]
Saturday, June 20, 2009 / 1:41 AM
Im going out for dinner tonight. Its my cousins birthday and i totally forgot about it until my mum reminded me :D Thats what mums are for! Anyways while im waiting for everyone to get ready im gonna blog.

Well i finished all my exams and got some of the results back. They're all right exam marks, not the best but i didn't expect to get high since i barely studied. Hmmm also got a whole heap of school work since its nearly winter holidays. Last week of school this week :]

Today i went to vietnamese school. It was so boring but luckily my usual teacher of mines didn't come and we had this lady as a substitute. Shes nicer than the man i normally have but she annoyed me in a way. After finishing viet school, i went home and had spaghetti. It was nice. I went on photoshop next and made a new avi for my crunchyroll. Its Lee Min Ho again. Gahh i keep finding HOT pictures of him.

No school (:
Thursday, June 11, 2009 / 7:57 PM

I have no school today because its report writing day (: I decided to change my layout, header and link button. It took ages to code this time and make the new header and link button. Also made the icon :D Its a SS501 theme. I love their musicc.

I finished my exams! Well i have two more to go. Maths and English which is going to be done in class sometime. Umm exams went alright. Studied so hard for chemistry and the exam was so hard. I had the GAT yesterday. It was 3 hours long. Only two weeks of school left till winter break. I really can't wait.

Melbourne's been freezing cold this winter. Its like 10 degrees this week and its soo cold. It might not seem cold but it really is. Its so cold it even snowed in some parts of Victoria but not near my area D:

Anyways its 1pm. Im hungry so gonna go get something to eat :]

2 days of school :D
Friday, June 5, 2009 / 4:23 AM
I haven't blogged in so long. It has been such a busy week. Well firstly my exams got cancelled this week because of the swine flu! :D which means more time to study for them but now we have to do the exams during class time. I have 3 exams next week though. Biology, Accounting, Chemistry and the GAT. Im so scared for the chemistry exam as it actually counts towards my enter score. Im focusing the most on chemistry for these exams.

Its finally friday and its long weekend cos of the queens birthday (: i also have next friday off! Hardly been to school this week since we got 3 days off because of the swine flu. Also watched boys over flowers all week when i really should be studying! Haha but im not gonna watch it this weekend.

teehehe i think im gonna stop here. Gonna go watch the notebook now since its on tv. My avi on crunchyroll (: don't cha think it matches with my header? lmao