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Boys Over Flowers <3
Sunday, May 24, 2009 / 12:42 AM
New header finally ft. lee min ho again (:

Omg i bought the Boys Over Flowers DVD yesterday (: Its so damn goood! Haha im so happy. We had a party yesterday and i was watching it and like half my family watched it with me and they love it :D Well it is a good drama after all!

I had the busiest week ever! The tutor called me to go tutor 3 times this week cos i had a year 12 math sac and he was helping me with it. Also i completed all my sac's i had xD so much studying to do and also got to study for my exams next week D:

I got a new sim card for my phone finally after not using my phone in ages. Hmm also went to a chemistry lecture on saturday with my friends. Learnt some new things :)
Listening to Lee Min Ho's song: 'My Everything'. Its pretty good!

Lee Min Ho is HOT !
Saturday, May 16, 2009 / 6:50 PM
I couldn't come up with a better title lmao :]

I think im gonna blog once a week now! LOL its so busy these days D: omg i have a SAC everyday this week. Maths, Chem, Bio, English :( wish me luck guys and exams coming up in 3 weeks. Thats really soon.

Hmm so my weeks pretty much been the same. Hw and studying! Couldn't go shopping today cos i have to study for my maths SAC since its for 2 weeks. Haven't been photoshopping either but i found a picture of Lee Min Ho and he looks so cute. Anyways i better get back to studying.

Saturday, May 9, 2009 / 2:01 AM

Another week has passed which mean its closer to winter holidays! I really can't wait till winter break because right now school is so damn tiring. Theres just always so much hw, tests and SAC's each week D: Exams are coming up soon too. This week i also started two new tutoring places. I was so scared but the people are really nice so tutor won't be too bad now.

Well its finally weekends and today i went shopping to buy my mum a mother's day present. Well me, my brother and sister bought her these boots that she's been wanting for ages but she hadn't had a chance to buy :D After that i went looking around the shops. At first i didn't really know what to buy myself but then i saw this pretty looking purple cardigan (: i bought it of course! Also bought a new purple pencilcase. Lately i've been having a purple obsession. My schoolbags even purple and most of the clothes i got this year is purple! Last year most of my stuff was yellow. I wonder what its gonna be next year =]

Im so tired after shopping since we spent ages at the shopping centre. I just finished making a so eun banner. Its quite simple as always. Im gonna clean my room now and hopefully start my hw and start studying for my exams. :(

My week!
Sunday, May 3, 2009 / 2:30 AM

Finally had the time to blog this week! It was a busy week for me as always because of school. I had a lot of maths hw to do D: and also had tests and sacs. I was really looking forward to the weekends but it went so fast. Its Sunday today and tommorows school :( Well tommorow i won't be having a proper school day as half of the day is spent on learning how to drive :D well the rules on driving and stuff. Not really driving lols although it would be cool to learn how to drive.

My weekends were pretty boring this week. I spent it all on doing hw and until now im still not up to date with my maths. Gah theres just so much work to do. Besides that i played beach volleyball on the wii with my brother and won. Hehe but now my arms ache.

Ive made a new Genie Zhuo avi today. Was so bored. I really need a new header. I wonder who im gonna feat next. Maybe Hyun Joong?! (: LOL. Anyways i better get back to studying for my chem test tommorow. Bleh it sucks cos i still have to go to class to do my test when we're learning driving stuff tommorow.