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Weekends Finally!
Friday, July 31, 2009 / 10:08 PM

Its finally Saturday teehehe. I love the weekends cos its time for me to relax from school. School is horrible at the moment. Ive got so much hw and so much tests coming up D:

Last weekend i went to the city for most of the day to shop so i barely got any hw done which means i have so much hw to do this weekend so no going out for me! And the weekend before that i went to watch Harry Potter hehe. I liked it but many people didn't LOL thats cos i haven't read the book and apparently they left a lot out in the movie. Well today im going to a party so no hw gonna get done today :( I'll have tommorow to do hw hopefully.

Anyways i got a two awards from SUTR challenges. Its actually my first time entering a challenge. I need to improve my photoshopping skills. Haven't been photoshopping anything lately. Hopefully I'll photoshop and join more challenges soon. Gonna go get ready for the party now. Hopefully it will be fun :)