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Saturday Night.
Saturday, August 22, 2009 / 3:53 AM

Haven't posted in a while D: Hmm so this week has been a really tiring week. I was sick for most of the week! I stayed home on Wednesday because i was getting really sick so i needed some rest. I had the common cold and it finally went away today :D Besides that i had a chemistry sac in which i think i did horrible in LOL. Chemistry is not a subject for me .

Have so much hw as always. Need to catch up in maths! Been youtubing a lot recently (: i watched the Ninja Assasin trailer which has Rain in it as the main actor! He's so hot except his hair is bleh haha. I was gonna go watch it with my friend when it comes out but its R rated so i don't think we can get in. And Big Bang's album and G Dragon's album came out. I love the songs on it especially in G Dragon's album. Heartbreaker and The Leaque xD

Anyways im gonna stop here. Need to finish my hw for once on a saturday night.