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Holidays ending and will be on semi hiatus
Friday, October 2, 2009 / 4:46 AM
One of my old blends featuring Sunny from SNSD (:

Holidays are going by so fast. Its already Friday and school is starting on Monday. I haven't even completed my homework yet. Well this week i attended my cousins engagement. It was fun since i got to catch up with my family and also get to see my new cousin in law (:

On Monday i had maths tutoring and the tutor gave me a whole cd filled with exams which i have to complete before exams. Im really scared as exams are coming up. I have two year 12 exams and they go towards my enter score. On Tuesday and Wednesday i went to a lecture with my friends. We caught the train to the city and arrived at Melbourne Uni where the lectures were to be held. The Uni is so big and also so awesome. It had its own little shopping centre, hair dressers and bubble cup. I wish my school was like that. Went Highpoint on Thursday with my brother, sisters and friends to watch Surrogate. It wasn't that good because i didn't understand it half the time. Its confusing :S

Its nearly 10pm on a Friday night and i promise tommorow i will complete all my homework. Haha well im gonna have to since school is starting on Monday. I really can't be bothered though so wish me luck! Btw i might not be able to update as much since schools starting so i'll be on a semi hiatus and sorry to the late cbox messages.